Formentera fotográfica: Captured by the light

The light of Formentera is unequaled. Therefor many photographers are focussed on trying to capture it. Formentera Fotográfica is the perfect meeting for that and a lot more. The ninth edition will be held from October 8 to 12.

It is a photography festival and at the same time an invitation to enjoy, debate and think about photography, where we can share the challenges we are faced with and exchange experiences in person with many representatives of the sector.

Francesc Fàbregas, photographer and director of the festival, is committed to an eclectic and intergenerational program which invites to participate. Five days of immersion in photography together with renowned names in contemporary photography, professionals, image enthusiasts and those interested in visual culture. An ideal meeting point for inspiration, sharing knowledge and observing the island’s cultural heritage through the objective.