‘From the sea the grouper and from the land the lamb’

The sea around Formentera hides a great variety of fish that, caught by the local artisanal fleet, are the most sought-after products by restaurants. Their quality and freshness are guaranteed. Among the most requested fish and crustaceans are lobster, grouper, greater amberjack, scorpionfish, pearly razorfish and all rock fish.

But to start a good meal, nothing better than resorting to a dish from times of pure survival that has become a classic, such as the salad which incorporates the peix sec, the result of the natural drying of smooth-hound, ray and other small sharks. Also the countryside has its secrets, like the lamb raised on this island. One of its star fruits is the fig.

The fig tree grows with its branches held horizontally by dozens of poles. Agricultural activity, on the rise in recent years, also offers quality vegetables and greens, depending on the season of the year.