A showcase full of life

Formentera’s fauna and flora are the best example of the biodiversity in the Mediterranean. On land, pine forests predominate, but there is also the Phoenician juniper, a robust and hard tree that is perfectly adapted to the climate and the lack of water.

The fig trees proliferate as a symbol of survival when food was scarce, and currently its fruit is one of the local delicacies, specially in dried form. Aromatic shrubs, such as rosemary and thyme abound all over the land. Regarding the fauna, the variety of birds is spectacular, both nesting, as the Balearic shearwater (virot), or migrants.

In the humid areas you can see flamingos, cranes, ducks and even fishing hawks or ospreys. Although the most representative land animal is the lizard which has become an endemic species, there is also the Garden dormouse and the hedgehog.

The aquatic fauna is as well very diverse and abounds with white sea breams, oblates, royal mullets and painted combers. There are also groupers and lobsters, although less in number.