Two great electronics events: dj awards (september 2021) and IMS (april 2022) to celebrate the music

For the electronic music industry, the International Music Summit (IMS) is globally the most important business, culture and education platform. After the cancelation of its 2020-21 editions, due to Covid-19, it will return to Ibiza the 27th abril until 1th may of 2022 with a niew begening for the music industry.

At this annual event, artists, promoters, technology brands, record labels and the media come together to discuss the present and future of an industry that in 2019 moved half a billion euros, on Ibiza alone. Created in 1998 in honor of the DJs and all those artists, brands and projects that have made valuable contributions to the electronic music industry, the organizaton of DJ Awards is already working to bring back in streaming the 2021 edition in late september with novelties to celebrate Ibiza’s music. After the cancellation of the 2020-21 editions due to the Coronavirus health crisis, the Dj Awards “will be even more original, attractive and exciting”.