Deep roots

The roots of Formentera’s culture are deep and linked to a way of seeing and living an environment subject to great sobriety. In the eighteenth century, the cultural reference was the oral tradition of canto y ball pagés (singing and dancing), which have been passed on from generation to generation.

Today, Formentera’s culture continues to draw from its Mediterranean sources. In order to keep alive the legacy of several centuries, different citizen groups watch over its maintenance.

There are several folk dance groups such as Es Pastorells and Es Xacoters, who perform at all the festivities. In the same way the Cantada Pagesa (Folksong festival) is maintained. All these traditions are connected with an architecture that has been preserved for several centuries as well as Formentera’s cooking recipes that some local restaurants promote. They are prepared with local land and sea products. Together they constitute the island’s DNA.