A fragile island

Formentera begins the second decade of the 21st century with the challenge of consolidating its mobility model that regulates the entry of cars in the months of July and August, an initiative that, last year, prevented growth of the summer traffic.

The administration detected an increase in the use of public transport which, in summer, is reinforced with busses that connect the port with the main villages, the tourist centres, beaches and places worth seeing. At the same time, an upward trend in the use of bicycles was noted. The longest stretch of road, from La Savina to La Mola, is 19.5 kilometres long and the entire road network totals 33 kilometres, however, in the middle of August, more or less 20,000 vehicles used to arrive.

To make the sensation of holiday on Formentera perfect, the visitor must choose carefully the means of transport he uses in a small and fragile territory. It should also keep him in close contact to the island’s almost wild nature.