IMS: International music summit

The International Music Summit (IMS) is the most important platform for business, culture and education of the global electronic music industry. In 2020, it returns to Ibiza to celebrate its thirteenth edition.

More than 50 countries will be represented during the three days of conferences, sharing ideas and music events. Since its inception, IMS has been committed to identifying those areas in which transformation is possible, motivating the debate and working for change, with special attention to issues such as sustainability, well-being, diversity and equality.

The new decade will witness a transformed congress which will be held in a new location: Destino Pacha Resort. The event will take place from May 20 to 22 under the title “In search of a purpose” and will bring together artists, technology brands, record labels, media and promoters that make a difference in an industry that has on Ibiza one of its central bases.