LÍO, the new cabaret

Lío el nuevo cabaret

There is no better place than Lío Ibiza for enjoying the most charming panoramic views of the medieval town. The cabaret restaurant of the Pacha Group is the entertainment jewel of Marina Ibiza, the island’s most exclusive marina.

Lío el nuevo cabaret

Here, super yachts compete in majesty and design and anticipate the atmosphere of Lío Ibiza, the favourite destination of Hollywood’s show business, footballers and elite athletes. Lío Ibiza is the absolute top of luxury, but it’s worth to indulge oneself once in a while.

LÍO, the new cabaret - La guía de Ibiza y FormenteraDuring dinner, guests will have a great time with the cabaret show taking place against the backdrop of the Old Town declared a World Heritage Site.

After dinner, electronic sounds direct the attention to the club, where DJs like Sebastián Gamboa and 2manydjs make the dance floor vibrate until the wee hours, doing everything to make the party go on!

As chic as fun, Lío Ibiza raises Ibiza’s nightlife to unknown experience levels.