Move at the island’s tempo

One of the great challenges of this century is to make Formentera a sustainable island, from the point of view of mobility but also of the economy and the environment. The challenge is to progressively change the habits of moving around the island with a clear preference to bicycles and the new electric versions of the vehicles including motorcycles and cars. The island has a wide network of charging stations for them. They exist in all villages and main touristic centres.

Thus, and taking in consideration the short distances that can be traveled on the island, your mobility is guaranteed. The improvement of public transport is another of the challenges for the future. An increase of frequency of passage in the public service lines and a change to more efficient buses are planned.

On the roads of the island, it is always advisable to exercise the utmost caution, the pedestrian as well as the driver of any type of vehicle. The road network is characterised by the existence of numerous crossroads, which force you to always be alert.