‘Musketeer’ Oliver´s indian party

Olivier Mourao, Brazilian painter and resident on Ibiza, has turned his birthday party in his extravagant mansion with original dance and music performances into a theme happening that brought together international artists, personalities and famous faces of art and local nightlife.

The party ‘Cabezas de Camino a las Indias’ of ‘Musketeer’ Olivier was an ode to Brazilian fantasy, sensuality, art and gastronomy that he designed and elaborated for a hundred chosen guests.

Brazilian beauty and arts were represented by architect Paulini Mourao; the artistic director Junior Brazil; the stylist Manuel Barros, the Brazilian actors Rede Globo and Sofía Starling; the visual artists Frederico Mendes; Thomas Hellstrom, Andrés Marquese, Daniel Isnard, Tania Stuart, Thomas and Alexandre Narakas; Samira Ribeiro, Isabele Ades, Adelia Lamarque, Viktor Munin and the PR agent Danielle Bianchi, organiser of the party.