A territory suited to the human being

With 82 square kilometres of surface, the island of Formentera is the southernmost of the Balearic archipelago. Its small dimensions have marked its history. It has a length from west to east of 19.5 kilometres and 13 kilometres from north to south. Its coast measures 69 kilometres.

The current population already exceeds 12,000 inhabitants and is characterised by the diversity of nationalities that coexist throughout the year. A third of the population is from the Balearic Islands, the other third comes from other autonomous communities in Spain and just over 30% is foreign. In summer, the climate is mild, although in midsummer the thermal sensation increases due to high humidity. The winter is definitely mild.

Rainfall is scarce amounting to an annual average of about 350 litres per square meter. That is why water in Formentera is a scarce and expensive resource. The only supply comes from the seawater desalination plant in the area of ​​Es Ca Marí, so prudence and saving in consumption is recommended.