Fashion returns to its origins

The thirteenth edition of the Formentera Fashion Show has returned to its origins. The show is stronger than ever after this one year hiatus due to the pandemic. The local designer sector has recovered the illusion, creativity and quality that characterize it, and has taken the opportunity to show its strength.

The Department of Commerce in the Consell de Formentera, aware of the effort made, wanted to focus on identifying Formentera’s fashion with a way of understanding life. This year’s catwalk was held at the Plaza Europa in Es Pujols, with the participation of 18 local fashion, accessories and jewelry creators. This show sums up the eclectic spirit of local designers who keep shops and workshops open. This year’s collections have in common the return to the spirit of the seventies, characterized by comfort and freedom in clothing.

It seems this idea has been renewed and has led to an evolution relying on the variety of generally light and fresh fabrics. Janne Bikinis, Hippie Shop Formentera, Kavra de Formentera, Equilibre, Simona Colzi & Le voyeur vintage, Vintage Ibiza-Formentera, Macramé & Acho jewelry, Molly Mallone, Michele Crocitto, Elena Hurtado & Lorenzo Pepe “OBI”, Laura López, Eva Cardona, Ur Joies, Flavio Cocho and Majoral, were the participating firms. Among them you can find swimsuits, bikinis, fashion designed to enhance feminine beauty, fabrics that adapt to the skin, silks, cotton, natural dyes, contemporary prints as well as wedding and party dresses.

After a year that has served local creators to stop and think and rethink their work, Formentera’s fashion is proving this year to be more vigorous than ever. The result is that this fashion can be worn anywhere in the world. Special mention merit the jewelers, authentic master craftsmen who have been working with metals and precious stones for decades. Although the local fashion industry is quite new, it proves to be another economic engine, with exclusive and original designers and their own brands that are already linked to the culture of fashion and a way of dressing and understanding life where the authentic prevails over the superfluous.