Land of different cultures

The trace history has left on Formentera was marked by the different civilisations and cultures that came to this western Mediterranean island. From the bronze age (1,600-1,800 BC), there are remains in which human presence was detected as the megalithic monument of Ca na Costa or the prehistoric settlement of Es Cap de Barbaria.

Since then Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs have passed until the Catalan conquest took place. Shortly after, in the fourteenth century, the island was depopulated by the devastating effect of the black plague and the constant attacks by North African pirates.

At the end of the seventeenth century, the then monarch Carlos II ‘the bewitched’, gave half a league of wooded land of Formentera’s interior to Marc Ferrer, an Ibizan ship patron, who began the repopulation of the island in the early eighteenth century. The first thing the new settlers built were the mills and the churches and they restarted the cultivation of cereal and the fishing activity