From tradition to modernity

Ibiza’s light, the history and the exceptional landscapes of the island have captivated great national and international architects since the early twentieth century. Amongst them we find Josep Lluís Sert, in the 30s, Erwin Broner and even the famous French architect Jean Nouvel, author of one of the most unique buildings on the island.

This is Las Boas, built in 2008 on the exclusive Joan Carles I promenade. Its façade, which simulates an Italian theatre, horseshoe-shaped and with descending volume, is inspired by the curved shapes of nature. Its façade is covered with a scenery of natural plants and flowers, designed by landscape architect Patrick Blanc, which entangle amidst attractive colours.

Even so, the island’s architectural jewel par excellence is the traditional country house. Thick stone walls and wooden ceilings are the interior features of these buildings of Ibizan architecture. Outside, there are wide porches, essential for family and social gatherings, and other elements such as cisterns or water wells and semicircular wood ovens.

The functionality of these buildings has been important since its origins: one began by building a central part of rectangular shape to which more rooms with straight and simple lines were added, depending on the needs of the family. The small windows protect the interior from extreme temperatures, keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Captivated by this simplicity, great architects have left their mark on impressive mansions in different parts of the island. Constructions that seek to maximise the light of the island with huge windows and respect the white of the façades. Spacious rooms, ideal for gathering friends and family. Large swimming pools complete these buildings that offer the privacy and exclusivity required by the most demanding clients.