Ses variades: The sunny side

The sunsets in Ibiza are a present to the senses and its contemplation one of the island’s unique tourist attractions. To enjoy the sunset you have to head towards the town of Sant Antoni, in the west of the island.

Ses variades la ruta del sol

On a stretch of its coast is the Passeig de ses Variades, from where you will have 180 degree views at the sunset.

Ses variades la ruta del solIt is a bustling area, which invites you to enjoy the show with background music at any of its sunset-bars, some well-known as Café del Mar or Café Mambo.

These iconic Ibiza venues accompany the sunset with sessions of international and local DJs. In Ses Variades, some of the so-called pre-parties are celebrated, an advance of the parties that will start at the clubs around midnight.

It is the time of day to feel the magic of nature and, when the sun merges with the sea, immerse yourself in the always enjoyable nightlife of Ibiza.