Personal and unique weddings

Every couple is free to organise and dream of the most special day of their lives the way they want and this is part of the wedding idiosyncrasy on the island. Couples usually seek to organise romantic celebrations either on the beach, in agrotourism hotels or outdoors and with styles ranging from Ibizan to hippie, from avant-garde to classic.

Even so, there is a style that defines ‘Ibizan wedding’. It is based on white, light garments, natural fabrics, lace and transparencies, following the wedding proposals of Moda Adlib which have already crossed borders. In Ibiza weddings the white colour is common for bride and groom as a synonym for naturalness and freedom, characteristics of the island.

bodas personales únicas

The ritual of the ceremony varies according to the culture and tradition of bride and groom and ranges from a church ritual to one in a rural establishment. For decoration, the bride and groom opt mostly for marine elements, flowers, plants or natural details that bring a personal and romantic touch to the wedding venue.