World avant-garde art

In the last decade, Ibiza has become a world leader in avant-garde art thanks to the burgeoning number of important galleries sponsored by patrons of modern culture such as Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil, Lío Malca, famous New York gallery owner or Gerhardt Braun.

Art has found other forms of expression in spaces such as the Club Diario that presents throughout the year exhibitions of local and international artists such as Roger Dixon, Helen Schandler, Patricia Esriche, Celine, Olivier Mourào, Oliver Merlin, the craftsman Selim, Willie Márquez or Cristina Rubalcava and photographers of the stature of war reporter Christine Spengler or Javier Plà, in 2019.

Avant-garde and modern art are also represented in galleries scattered all over the island such as Art Project, Lune Rouge, P / Art, Sala Sa Nostra, B12, LA Studio, Parra and Romero, El Elefante, Marta Torres, Espacio Micus, Districte Hipérbole, the Cultural Center of Jesus and in hotels such as El Hotel, OD Talamanca, Hotel Ocean Drive, Atzaró as well as in other alternative venues such as the magnificent ‘Nave de Ibiza’.

These art spaces house works by renowned international artists such as Kenny Scharf, Leon Löwentraut, Thomas Scheibitz or Tracey Emin as well as of renowned photographers. Ibiza offers all kinds of art events that promote the culture of conceptual styles such as the competition OD Art Award.