«I feel free in Ibiza»

Raica Oliveira | Topmodel

«I like change, creativity and having different options to choose from»

interview raica olivera

She is one of the most popular Brazilian models. She sojourns very often on Ibiza, her favourite place in Europe. Here she finds many things for her personal growth, magic and peace.

What is Ibiza for you?
I have no words to describe all the love I have for this island. Here I have developed my personal growth and a part of my life. I love the nature of this island, the people and this great diversity and the fact that you find what ever you want. And there is magic.

What do you like best?
First and foremost, I feel free and understood. I like the sunsets of the north of the island, the beaches and coves. I feel very comfortable.

You have starred the Moda Adlib Ibiza catalog of 2019. How did that arise?
I met photographer Jordi Gómez and he proposed that I participate in a fashion catalog. We talked a lot about the project, how to do it and it started growing thanks to his insistence. He told me the story of Adlib fashion, its designers and the island’s traditional way of dressing and talked about its projection on the future. I was interested in the role of its creators and this made me decide to do it.

In parallel to your work as a model, what else do you do?
I love to study and delve into certain subjects such as alternative medicine, the environment and issues related to health and spirit.

Do you consider yourself a classic beauty?
I fit into the patterns of a classic beauty for my figure, that’s not bad because it allows me to work and develop more roles than a more fashionable model with a very defined figure. I like change, creativity and having different options to choose from and not being typecast as a fashion creature. You have to be able to do other things.

Has the Brazilian model boom been overrun by the girls from Eastern and Central Europe?
The boom of the Brazilian models started at the beginning of 2000 and they were in great demand. Then the girls from Russia, Holland and the Eastern countries arrived. This has markedly changed the beauty pattern, but Brazilians will always have their place because there are many half-castes.

Does that mean, the secret lies in the mixture of races?
It is important. In Brazil there is a lot of mixing and the models are different, there are black, white, indigenous, Japanese, Germans and people from many countries and cultures and that makes Brazilian girls more attractive in the eyes of fashion. The Brazilians will always have their ‘territory’.

What sports do you practice?
I do yoga whenever I can, I feel good and my body assimilates it. I also run and swim.

Do you follow any special diet?
I am vegan, I eat healthy, no animal product because I do not want animals to suffer, nor to have them subjected to torture when they get killed so we can enjoy something a few minutes in our mouth. I like Italian, Thai and Japanese food, no fish, but natural products.

How do you dress in your normal life?
I love comfortable and simple clothes, I don’t like tight dresses. I prefer wide dresses and pants in soft colours, pastel and white. I actually like Adlib fashion very much.