Popular meetings with local produce

The local gastronomy organises numerous activities that promote the knowledge and consumption of seasonal products of the sea and the countryside. Many times, these events are held outside the summer season at patron saint festivals of towns and villages.

The Arroz de Matanzas World Contest, in Sant Antoni, the Squid Fair, in Sant Carles, the Gerret Fair, in Santa Eulària, the Lobster, Prawn and Fish Fair, in Ibiza, and, even, the Allioli Festival, in Forada are some of the initiatives with popular prices promoted by municipalities and the Consell to encourage the consumption of local produce. These activities take place outdoors and are open to the general public. They combine Mediterranean and genuine flavours with music and fun. All these gastronomic celebrations are considered by the residents of the island as a must-go.

Among the most prominent are:

Patrimonio Gastronómico de Ibiza: from January to March in Eivissa.
Concurso Mundial de Arroz de Matanzas: January in Sant Antoni.
Gastrojueves: every Thursday from January to March in Santa Eulària.
Pintxa Sant Antoni: Thursdays from February to March in Sant Antoni.
Feria des Gerret: March in Santa Eulària.
Jornadas Gastronómicas Ibiza Sabor de Primavera: from April to May in Eivissa.
Feria Gastronómica del Calamar: in October in Sant Carles.
Cañas & Roll: December in Sant Josep.
Rutapa: Fridays in November and December in Santa Eulària.