Aromatic and natural sweets

dulces aromáticos y naturalesThe traditional recipe book of the Ibizan cuisine dedicates an important space to the typical sweets that can be enjoyed at different times of the year and desserts prepared with garden products and natural flavours.

Flaó and greixonera are the two traditional desserts par excellence. The flaó is a cake made of fresh cheese and aromatic herbs. It is ideal for the end of a meal or combined with a glass of Hierbas Ibicencas. The greixonera is another of the tempting sweets of the Ibizan cuisine, made of eggs, ensaimadas, sugar, milk, cinnamon and lemon. Further options are the orelletes, fritters or muffins made with almonds. All these sweets pair perfectly with the traditional Ibizan herb liqueur that has an aniseed aroma, is an excellent digestive and very popular among the residents of the island.