Gastronomic tradition and innovation

The boom in signature cuisine and the importance of top quality products have come to Ibiza to stay. They are a further attraction for visitors. To sun, beach and nightlife, the touristic offer adds now high-quality gastronomy due to the prominence the local product has acquired in recipes of renowned chefs which settled on the island.

Innovación y tradición gastronómicaIbiza has a large pantry of top quality seafood and garden products. New and young producers on the island have opted to cultivate vegetables in a sustainable way respecting the environment The fish product ‘peix nostrum’ an Ibizan trademark with Designation of Origin, fruits, zero kilometre vegetables or basic necessities such as bread or olive oil made on the island, make the Ibizan gastronomy a luxury for the palate of any diner.

To flavour their most innovative and creative dishes designed for the most demanding clients, Albert Adrià, Paco Roncero or Martín Berasategui opt for products grown on the island. Iñigo Rodríguez, from El Hotel, or José Miguel Bonet, from Es Ventall, in Sant Antoni, are committed to reinvent the traditional recipes of Ibizan gastronomy, using the same ingredients, but elaborating them with more sophistication and with carefully detailed presentations.


Es Boldadó, S’Espartà or Es Nàutic, in Sant Antoni, among others, offer tasty old-fashioned stews which respect the traditional recipe book, for example rock fish from the island seasoned with aioli as their ancestors did. Today, the island of Ibiza has a varied and wide offer with menus that are affordable for all budgets. They will make meetings with friends and family a gastronomic feast.