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Gastronomy greats speak about ibiza




Ibiza has a high gastronomic level. Here, people have always eaten very well, but now I am surprised by the creativity and the efforts to save the identity. I came here years ago with my father Juan Mari and since then the concept has changed a lot, there is a commitment to the local produce and identity. Seeing the recipe, you already know you are in Ibiza, which is part of the Balearic Islands and struggles to maintain its identity.


One of the biggest potentials Ibiza has is the sea, and especially its lobster. As it is done here the lobster isn’t done anywhere. The product is very important and must be respected, and here they do this conscientiously. Besides, any cook can be inspired by looking at the sea that he has around him.


There is nothing better than to thank the land that chooses you, among many chefs, to carry out your own gastronomic project. I am on Ibiza to bring new things and learn and I won’t fail anyone. I want to make a tribute to the island with a rice dish with red shrimp and espardenyes (a kind of sea cucumber) and contribute Lasarte dishes to the charm of the island. The touch young people have on Ibiza is different, they don’t fail, they are eager to do different things. The Ibizan people are my kin, because, at home, I have been working for years with Ibizan cooks.


Ibiza must be an advanced and brave place, it has to get ahead of others. The island has many five star hotels that in many other destinations do not exist, and has great possibilities, but you have to believe in it


Heart Ibiza was our first international project and someone said: But it is in Spain! Nevertheless, Ibiza is perceived as a destination that belongs to the world, as an international brand and this is so incredible… Talk to whoever you want, everyone knows it and ­wi­shes to come. The island is now a world icon as a leisure destination where you can have fun, and also eat good food. I have eaten fantastically well on the island


We should put up a statue to the beach bars of Ibiza and Formentera. There is nothing like the lobster of these islands and their stews, and the pearly razorfish is the best fish in the world


I like the Ibiza of the ­people, not the one of the celebrities. I’m allergic to famous places. I prefer to work for normal people, for friends and… the people of the sland.


In Sublimotion we have learned a lot, we have consolidated the restaurant and, once the model and the gastronomic project has been developed, the idea is to get it out of Ibiza to different parts of the world.

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