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Great famous people talk about ibiza



Bridal gown designer

For me, Ibiza means, above all, to rest, to disconnect and enjoy a paradise. I love sailing, the beaches of Formentera and the northern area. With luxury tourism, the essence that characterised Ibiza has, perhaps, got lost a little bit, but they managed to attract a type of tourism that the island should try to maintain.
I had the chance to meet Princess Smilja and got impressed by what she achieved with Moda Adlib and how she made a world reference of it.


Fashion designer, creator, writer and business fashion woman

I come to Eivissa since I am 17 years old. Here I meet friends and have a great time. Every year I discover new things and make new friends. I know the islands day and nightlife and I have a hard time going home. There are always wonderful parties. People live differently here, they come to enjoy and have fun and that, without a doubt, inspires.


Painter, sculptor and graffiti artist

I’m awed by the island, its people, its artistic atmosphere. It inspired me to paint cars with graffiti. I love painting, it makes me happy, it inspires me, it fills me with emotion and satisfaction. Emotions are our thoughts, fears, feelings, dreams, hopes. all that is in my emotions, is what moves me and what inspires me at any moment.


Writer and dj

I come here since I was very young and I appreciate the culture of the countries I visit. For many Europeans, Eivissa has become a kind of refuge. We came here to escape the shit of life of 95. Many artists, people of the nightlife and music came here to get away. It was a different island that welcomed everyone and had music in common.


Singer and photographer

I have friends in Ibiza who invited me to come and spend a few enjoyable days. I survived the Ibiza nightlife. I had a good time and I’m still on my feet. I’ve met really good ­people. Here you can find good, kind-hearted people, with good vibes and they are good in business. It is an honor and a pleasure to be here.

Great famous people talk about ibiza


Model and TV presenter

I love Ibiza, I feel very comfortable and good here. What I like most is the tranquility that you breathe here, even in the middle of the crowd, the luxury, the yachts and all that. I always can relax here.


Model and businesswoman

Ibiza is an island for everyone. I think it has the same energy as Bali, as it is a place that welcomes you, gives you a lot and at the time demands a lot. You have to seek a balance because if you only choose people who can afford it everything will be sad. Ibiza is Ibiza because those who have come before had nothing else but love, ­dreams, hugs, kisses and light, which are the essence of the island.


Bailaor flamenco

My friends keep me close to Ibiza, some of the nightlife and others of my family. I started to come with my parents as a child and then with my wife and children. I’m connected with this routine and systematic continuity because I feel loved here.



Ibiza is a beautiful place. It is famous for its party but has quiet and lovely places to relax and to rest with the family, I really love it. I have always said that Eivissa is a wonderful destination with very generous people, that are willing to help the community.


Dj and producer

I will continue to come to Ibiza because I do not conceive the idea of ​​not coming to the island, but it will be very rare not to go to Space. The island has always been my priority, everything else came later. The ­people, the food, the nature, the magical atmosphere have always trapped me … And the fact that here I could always work in my field has been great.



Ibiza inspires me mainly because of the different colors that can be seen on the island and a variety that you can not imagine: in the sky, in the sea, the land and the flowers. This colourful cocktail has given me the opportunity to paint some pictures and walls that explode with the emotion that nature transmits to the man who knows how to handle colour.



I live on Ibiza since years. It is a place that charges my batteries and makes me strong enough to face the real world, the cities. Before, I have always lived in big cities like London, Madrid or Paris. Nightlife and pollution are very bad there. This here is paradise, it is a place that gives me peace, tranquility. The sea, the light, the calm, the ­people have a special energy and it is charming. Ibiza is a place that you fall in love with.


Music producer

I have invested a lot of energy in Ibiza and the island has made up for it. I feel loved, comfortable and I enjoy a lot. Ibiza has been a very musical island and I feel very involved in this movement.


Dj y productor

The first year I came to Ibiza I wanted to observe how people behaved, what moved and flowed on the island, including local and political problems, not just the party. I am a guest but I want it to be in a good and positive way, I seek to learn and understand what is happening. I want to be in harmony with the island.


Gallery owner

I come to Ibiza since about 10 years. I owe my best friends to the island. They are the ones who have showed me the different faces of Ibiza: the face of summer and the face of winter. I believe that the culture of the island begins to gather momentum; it creates a group of collectors, gallerists and professionals who come to visit the island and realize that there is a huge potential that has’t been shown yet.


Dj, businesswoman

I’ve been working for six years as a DJ, and it’s my fourth as a resident DJ at Foam & Diamonds, one of the most successful parties on the island. I am very proud and happy for the success that it has and the joy that comes out in this event. And the support I receive from all the DJ community that comes to see me is an amazing sensation.


Model and actress

I came to Ibiza for the first time in the 80’s. I lived in New York and when I arrived here I was surprised that there was more freedom. You could be yourself, no one looked at you even if you were naked with only a feather as a dress. It was a priceless freedom, everyone was mingling. We were all equal being this place so international.



Present my work in Ibiza because it is about the excess of sensations, the spirituality and civilization. Ibiza embodies this lifestyle. It represents the duality of excess and spirituality. This is, in a way, reflected in the culture of the island.


Film director

I’ve been coming to Ibiza since the late 80’s. I started working here making videos for groups like Enigma, with Michel Cretu, a peculiar guy. They were unusual artistic projects. I found the contrasts on the island between places like Sant Antoni and the center of the island with people who had never gone to the coast or seen the sea.

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