Ibizan jewels in international fashion shows

The Ibizan emprendada is a set of jewels worn with the traditional costume of the country women. This set of jewels is made up of long necklaces, medals, religious crosses, rings with filigree and buttons that formerly adorned wedding suits. This gem was the dowry for the woman who was in the age of getting married and a demonstration of family wealth. The emprendadas are usually made of gold, silver or coral.

The Ibizan designer Elisa Pomar, great-granddaughter of the jeweller of King Alfonso XIII, has re-interpreted these jewels to the point of getting the attention of very popular designers. Dolce & Gabbana has taken these traditional jewels to many international fashion shows. After five generations, Pomar continues creating these pieces for contemporary and cosmopolitan women, the way craftsmen or -women always did.