«Adlib is pure magic and freedom»

«It has been an honor to present the Adlib Catwalk on its 50th Anniversary. Adlib will live another two hundred years»

Nieves Álvarez | Model and presenter

What does Ibiza symbolize for you?

It is pure magic and freedom. You breathe a very special air when you arrive and, although it seems a cliché, there is a freedom and a unique way of living. I have many personal and professional memories of the present and the past, I still have many friends here and I feel like in my second home. I have lived important moments of my life here and whenever I think about them I dream of being in this wonderful place.

Did you ever imagine you would present the Moda Adlib catwalk?

Never. There are things that happen to you once in your life without you even having thought about it. I have known the Moda Adlib for a long time now but I did not imagine myself presenting the catwalk, and even less being lucky enough to do so on its 50th Anniversary. That is why I feel immensely fortunate to have participated on such an important date. It has been an honor for me, as a person and as a fashion professional.

Has the role of the Catwalk ‘s master of ceremonies been a challenge for you?

As a professional and fan of Spanish fashion, yes, since it means supporting and contributing what I can to an industry that goes through difficult times in Spain and in the rest of the world. In the same way I support Moda España, I identify with Ibiza Moda Adlib, because it is a brand that has a denomination of origin for its tradition, its good work and talent. And I’m particularly pleased to see that the artisans who have made this catwalk possible for decades are given support.

How would you define Adlib fashion?

It perfectly merges what Ibiza is: freedom, energy, the traditional part of its culture, customs and at the same time respect for an avant-garde and modern movement. Several cultural phenomena and movements crop up simultaneously in this Ad libitum fashion philosophy. The same way people from all over the world come together on Ibiza, Adlib combines fashion trends with an energy that grabs you. This catwalk reflects all this and this is the Ibizan lifestyle that has crossed borders.

Is it difficult to keep a local fashion style alive for 50 years?

Adlib can do it for another two hundred years. There aren’t many fashions in the world that are recognized so easily. It is as if you have an Ibiza themed party, you immediately identify that local fashion.

What is the secret?

To have known how to combine so extremely well and with so much respect tradition with the hippie touch of the island and at the same time be so beautiful and elegant. A woman dressed in Adlib with that hippie air, these raw colors and the elegance of the designs never goes out of style.

And how do you see its evolution over five decades?

I think it knew how to adapt to the new times and evolve with a lot of sanity and good work. What makes it unique is that it is a timeless fashion that doesn’t go out of style. If you see an image of Ursula Andress, or another celebrity from decades ago, dressed in Adlib it is still in vogue.

Do we need to internationalize the concept of industry?

Probably, because fashion itself is universal. If we talk about designers and the industry, it is necessary to make the jump abroad as Charo Ruiz has done with great success. However, Ibiza is an international destination that serves as a showcase for this fashion. Thousands of people who visit the island can see it. A lot of global fashion talent converges here because it is the island of inspiration.