Arnau Jorba wins the Futur Adlib-Award 2021

Arnau Jorba, from Barcelona, has been the winner of the award Futur Adlib 2021. He convinced the jury with his ‘Boogie Wonderland’ creation. This piece, in which this young 23-year-old talent invested more than a thousand hours of work, honors the song of the same name, as it is inspired by the costumes of Diana Ross and Donna Summers in the 70s. That was the decade in which the hippies arrived at the island and originated the Adlib Ibiza fashion. The winning piece is a wrap dress with bell sleeves and a 50-centimeter train, cinched at the waist with a belt. An oversized 38, it is covered with pleated and hand-dyed strips creating a psychedelic print and a spiral-shaped pattern. The lining of the dress is also hand-dyed resulting in a characteristic print of the hippie culture. Jorba was presented the prize of 2,500 euros by the president of the Consell Insular d’Eivissa, Vicent Marí, while the Consell Insular d´Eivissa’s counselor for Economic and Business Promotion and Municipal Cooperation, María Fajarnés, and the jury’s president, Elio Rafael Berenguer Berhanyer, awarded a diploma and 750 euros to each of the six finalists. Arnau Jorba Mira (Barcelona), Caterina Pascual Cladera (Palma de Mallorca), Nadal Cabot Rodríguez (Palma de Mallorca), Natalia Martínez Nieto (Ibiza), Patricia Perales Richtsteiger (Palma de Mallorca) and Romina Elva Espósito Bustos (Ibiza) presented their creations inspired by the 50th Anniversary of Adlib Ibiza, this brand’s evolution and designs at the Futur Adlib catwalk. The jury, made up of Elio Rafael Berenguer Berhanyer (ambassador and communication director of the fashion house Elio Berhanyer), Luís Ferrer and Melania Piris (Adlib Ibiza designers), Rebeca Miguel (representative of the Consell Insular d’Eivissa), Felisa Palacios (representative of the Ajuntament de Sant Antoni and Olga Torres as secretary, valued with 1 to 10 points creativity, originality, inspiration, confection quality, complexity, finish, harmony, cohesion and the final result in relation to the theme of the contest. It was held at the Faro Ses Coves Blanques in Sant Antoni and featured the participation of the 2019 winner, Natalia Martínez Nieto, and the Escola d’Art.