A cinematic island and festivals through thick and thin

In spite of everything, on Ibiza cinema is kept alive thanks to festivals. The fourth edition of the Ibicine Festival was recently held against all odds, with all the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, on a stage decorated like a living room where protagonists and public were secluded during the pandemic. The actress Eva Soriano served as presenter, who was accompanied by other well-known faces from film and television such as the presenter Manel Fuentes, the actors Eva Isanta, Andrea Duro, Itziar Castro, Antonio Isasi, Ruben Ochandiano and the director Natalia Moreno, among others. The actor, producer and director Paco León received the Astarte Award of Honor for his entire career. The feature film ‘Ara Malikian: una vida entre las cuerdas’, by Natalia Moreno, won the award for best features and ‘I never left you alone’, by Miera Noguera, the award for the best Spanish short movie. Almost twenty prizes were awarded amongst them for best short film, production, direction, script, actor, actress, editing, wardrobe, soundtrack, special effects, hairstyling and makeup.