Marí Mayans family, over 140 years filling your glass with Ibiza essence

When you talk about the Marí Mayans Family you talk about Ibiza. Since its start in Formentera in 1880, the company’s selection of liquors hasn’t stopped expanding under a philosophy that remains intact after 141 years filling your glass with the island’s essence. All the herbs and aromatic plants that bring to life the spirit of its entire range of liqueurs grow in the fields of Ibiza and Formentera. From there they are carefully transferred to the company’s factory on Ibiza, located in the industrial estate of Montecristo. To get there you just have to follow the aroma. There the Hierbas Ibicencas, the Frígola, Palo, Absinthe and the Gins “IBZ” are distilled, produced and bottled with the latest technology and a 100% Pityusan stamp.

Its current owners, Carlos and Bartolomé Marí Mayans, are the fifth generation of “alchemists” and those responsible for perfectly pairing a master formula based on the original recipes of their ancestors. Their grit for expansion has led them to export their liqueurs to countries like Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Romania, USA, Andorra, UK, Russia or Japan.
The Hierbas Ibicencas Familia Marí Mayans and their Frígola® are traditional drinks that can be enjoyed as the culmination of any lunch or dinner, served, always cold, in a ballon glass or as a shot. In fact, the Hierbas Ibicencas Familia Marí Mayans are present in all establishments on Ibiza as well as on Formentera and are a classic in the pantries of any house on the islands. The Palo, on the other hand, is the perfect aperitif before lunch or dinner.

Familia Marí Mayans also provides three gins: “IBZ Premium Gin”, which offers lovers of this drink the possibility of tasting an aromatic, floral and herbal product; “IBZ 48 Premium Dry Gin”, intended for the most demanding palates and with a for Spain surprising and unique strength by volume; and there is “IBZ Pink Strawberry”, softer and more refreshing, with a scent of strawberries and citric fruits and an Ibizan character. Gins that are designed to be enjoyed at leisure, both day and night, in order to reveal its flavor and origin. Finally, the company’s Absinthe is intended for moments of fun and its one hundred percent natural production makes it for many one of the best in the world.

In the gastronomic field, all the liquors of the Marí Mayans Family pair perfectly with desserts such as flaó. They also have been incorporated into the professional cocktail world which has created infinite proposals with the stamp and aroma of Ibiza. In addition, its liqueurs or gins are, thanks to their characteristic flavors and intense aromas, also the perfect ally for various recipes, for stews as well as for sauces or desserts.