Objective: retrieve local produce

Gastronomic ingredients grown and produced on the island of Ibiza have become a further attraction because of their variety, high quality and powerful flavour. In recent years, the most legendary gastronomy has regained a relevant role due, in part, to the emergence of new farmers and other professionals who are aware of the importance of the island’s history. They went back to growing traditional varieties of Ibizan products such as the red potato or the white pepper, among others.

These efforts of farmers and fishermen are encouraged by the Consell de Ibiza and its promotion of the ‘Sabors d’Eivissa’ brand, which distinguishes the island’s emblematic products and gastronomy.
In order to give publicity to the tradition and the modernisation that the island is experiencing, different workshops and gastronomic events dedicated to promoting the products grown on the island are organised throughout the year.

In this respect, we must highlight the workshops held in 2019 related to saffron, artisanal cheese, xeixa (Triticum aestivum) bread or sobrasada and courses dedicated to the cooking of lamb and black pork. These events, in addition to letting people taste these products, inform about the history and traditions of the Ibizan ancestors. Visits to the wine cellars and oil mills or to farms of organic gardening are some events that take place all year around.

objetivo recuperar el producto localApart from this, the Ibiza Sabors campaign includes two series of culinary days par excellence: one in spring, which takes place from April to the end of May, and one in autumn, which is held from October to the end of November. During those days, which are very popular among residents as well as visitors, numerous restaurants on the island offer different dishes prepared with local products. In addition, the website www.saboresdeibiza.es lists the restaurants which are committed to local produce.