Od Art Awards art of unlimited awarenes

Modern, conceptual and avant-garde art also has its space in Ibiza’s nightlife. Galleries and hotels are interesting points to see art exhibitions at sunset and before dinner.

Two years ago, the OD hotel group started an original initiative to raise awareness about the environment and its relationship with art by rewarding new and established artists of the island with the OD Art Awards. The winners of the 2019 edition, held in October at the Ocean Drive Hotel, were: Award for the most prodigious career: Moi Berlanga; best new Artist: Carlos Toledo, and the OD Expo Award was for Carlos Prieto.

The photographer Mr Reychel won the ‘No Plastic’ Awareness Art Award; the second prize in this category went to Otamendi III and Malambo Isla and the third to Jorge Traverso and Noel Herting. In the same ceremony, the Ibiza ArtGuide awards were also presented: the first one was for Julia Fragua; the second for Rike Oetzel and Miguel Ángel García and the third for Boke and Malambo Isla.